In Memory of Missy Grayban
Oct 2009 – April 9, 2011

Missy just a week oldLet me tell you little about her and how she enriched my life and was my old cat Max’s best friend. It was Oct. 2009 and late one winter day someone simply dropped off 2 tiny 1 week old kitties at my neighbors house across the street, Renee called me over to have a look at them and at first I really didn’t want another cat but after a few minutes holding each of them it was the girl I really loved.

She looked up at me with those beautiful bright yellow eyes with a look that just said “love me“. She was so small I could hold her in the palm of one hand. I took her and placed her inside my jacket and she immediately started purring and crawled up to my should and nestled into my neck, she would not budge from there over over a hour.

I took her home and that night she fell asleep shaking from being so cold. Just how did she fall asleep ? That is a true love story between owner and pet… have you ever sat in a chair and crossed your legs and tucked them under your chair ? If you have then you know that creates a nice little kitty snuggle spot and that is where she slept for the next hour. My legs had completely fallen asleep, my toes hurt and my knees were screaming to stretch.

I finally reached down and picked her up and she woke up and attempted to cuddle again into my neck. Instead I brought her to my bed and placed her under the covers where she crawled until she was between the pillow and sheets. She stayed there until I went to bed where she snuggled between my chest and arm and fell asleep purring again.

I nursed her with a kitty baby bottle and special milk 5 times or more a day for over a month until she was able to eat solid food.

She and Max soon became best buddies and those 2 would play from morning to night. And when it started to get late in the evening it was Missy’s time to play with daddy. She and I would play fight, she would purr like crazy and just be in kitty heaven. We had a bond so tight that she would follow me every place. I was her daddy and she absolutely loved that !!

She grew to love life and be spoiled by me.

We had a nightly game on the couch that we played until she was tired and would fall asleep curled up in the corner of the couch and eventually would wake up to get on top of the couch to fall asleep next my head… just close enough that my body heat would reach her. When it was my turn to go to sleep she would meet me there to curl up next to my pillow.

But one day her love for me got her killed. You see she loved me so much that when ever she was outside and saw me she would come running just so I could pet her and then she would follow me all over the yard. She just never could really bare to see me leave even though I would simply walk across the street to visit friends she would try to follow me.

Yesterday was just a normal day for me and my cats, I had plans to go out to the rifle range to shoot my Colt Navy .44 cal black powder revolver and .50 cal musket. I got all my things together and Steve helped me put the stuff in the truck. Missy of course could not stand it that I was leaving her in the yard and even though I shooed her back she must have snuck back over thinking I was still here. When she couldn’t find me she attempted to go back home and that’s when a speeding car hit her, killing her on impact. I wouldn’t find this out for almost 6 hours.

Her life was short but she had the best life I could give her, she lived like it was heaven and she is there now waiting for me. I loved her and took care of her and she gave me absolute love. I thank God for bringing her to me and into my life and miss her dearly.


In Memory of Missy Grayban
Oct 2009 – April 9, 2011

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